00. Table of Contents

protest march, Vancouver

Table of Contents


1. Women’s Rights and Feminism - General
     A.  The Politics of Women’s Rights; Community Organizing; Activism, Advocacy
     B. Women’s Resistance to Male Chauvinism and Anti-Feminism

 2. Women’s Medical Issues
     A. Reproductive Rights; Abortion Rights
     B. Misogyny, Discrimination, and Abuse, especially in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Forced Sterilization.  Sick Women; Women with Disabilities
     C. Women's Sports

 3. Women’s Legal Issues
     A.  Equal Rights Legislation 
     B.  Status of Women and Social Equality
     C. Women's Feminist and Gender Critical Male Allies
     D. Sex-Based Rights; Period Equity
     E.  Language Issues and Women’s Rights

 4. Women’s Identity; Gender Critical Theory; Erasure of Women
     A. The Range of Sexuality:  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Other Non-heterosexual

 5. Transgendering: The Transgender Lobby;  Its Connections  to the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Academia, and High Finance. The Process, Consequences, Dangers
     A. Transgender Cult Ideology and Political Influence
     B. Contraflow: Detransitioning and Resistance to Trans Ideology and Influence

 6. The Science and Medicine of Sex, Reproduction and Transgendering

 7.  Women and Children; Schools, Libraries, Academia and Organized Religion
      A. Women and Family Issues.  Schools, Curricula and Teaching.  Dysfunctional Families; Child Abuse, including Pedophilia, Grooming, and Drag Queen Story Hour [DQSH].  Women's Role in the Family; Motherhood.

 8.  Women’s Rights to Safe Spaces and Privacy

 9. Bigotry, Misogyny, Sexism
     A. Toxic Masculinity; Male Entitlement, Privilege

10. Violence Against Women and Women’s Rights Advocates:  Verbal and Physical Abuse, Hate Speech, Libel, Harassment, Silencing, Threats, Assault, Murder
      A. Violence by Men in the Home

11. Sexual Predation and Assault; Rape. Women and the Police
      A. Women in Wartime; Rape as a Weapon of War. Women and the Military 

12. Pornography and Women as Objects in the Media and Hollywood

13. Prostitution and Trafficking, Including Grooming

14. Women Criminal Defendants; Women in Prison

15. Women and Poverty, Homelessness, Period Poverty

16. Economic Issues. Women in the Workplace; Home as Workplace

17. Women and the Arts and Music.  Women Artists and Writers;  Feminist Literature

18. Indigenous and Third World Women, including African-American Women

19. International Organizations and Individuals

20. Women's History

21. General Sources:  Organizations and Individuals: Websites, Blogs, Print Media 

22. End Notes


Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.
– Toni Morrison


Entries are listed in this order:

1. Websites, and blogs (unmarked), Twitter;

2. Online articles, PDF files;

3. Videos (including YouTube videos), motion pictures, radio stations, podcasts,  and other recording and broadcast media. Interfiled and marked as appropriate (VIDEO, PODCAST, etc.);

4. Print media (documents or books),  periodicals and online/audio books. Interfiled and marked as appropriate (BOOK, ONLINE BOOK, etc.). 

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