California Aspires to Become a Sanctuary State
For Those Who Mutilate Children for Profit

Stop SB 107!

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the government of California has commendably taken steps to become a “sanctuary state” for women who need to terminate their pregnancies. Unfortunately, Democratic lawmakers in that state also seem determined to make California a “sanctuary state” for a nefarious purpose – one diametrically opposed to the goal of promoting the health and well-being of its people.

Ironically, they are now speedily pushing for the adoption of a new law that would aid and abet those who would permanently extinguish the reproductive freedom – by destroying the future reproductive and sexual capacity -- of children who have fallen prey to the delusion that they were “born in the wrong body” and seek so-called “gender affirming” medical interventions.

As if SB-923 weren’t bad enough, the same sponsor of that noxious legislation, Senator Scott Wiener, has introduced another outrageous bill, SB-107, that aims to draw young people from all over America to undergo irreversible pharmaceutical and surgical procedures with total secrecy from their non-consenting parent(s) and authorities in their  home states. The bill is also designed to shield the physicians and others providing so-called “gender affirming health care” from all legal liability when they flee to or hide away in California.

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights urges the strongest possible opposition to SB-107. We urge all California residents to contact their legislators right away to express their opposition to its passage. We urge all concerned Americans to stand together in opposition to this bill and others like it that aim to strip away parental rights while rewarding those who participate in the permanent medical harm of children. Regardless of where you reside, you can submit statements on the following website:

Among other things, the bill, if adopted, would: 

  • Prohibit California health-care providers from releasing medical information in response to any civil claim from any state that allows “gender affirming” providers to be sued for the injuries they cause. It would also bar courts or attorneys from issuing subpoenas for such a purpose.
  • Empower California family courts to assert jurisdiction and authority over children who come to the state, even if as runaways, in order to receive “gender-affirming health care.”
  •  Direct California courts to assert jurisdiction over cases in which the laws of another state limit parents’ ability to obtain such “care.”
  • Prohibit California law enforcement agencies from enforcing arrest warrants from states that restrict “gender-affirming health care,” for violations of those state’s laws. 

In other words, if a minor child is subjected to experimental drug or surgical procedures in a different state in which those procedures are prohibited without parental consent, and the parents of the child pursue legal action against the medical staff involved, those individuals could relocate to California with full immunity from any and all legal responsibility for their actions. With the passing of this bill, a child could run away to California, obtain access to body altering drugs and surgeries with the blessing of California courts, and be “protected” by the state of California from their parents in the “foreign” home state through the sealing of all applicable records around their body modifying venture. In reality, this sanctions the aiding and abetting of criminal acts and the kidnapping and injuring of children.

SB-107 would also prevent the prosecution of groups who transport out-of-state minors into California for procedures without parental consent or parents who take their children out-of-state for these purposes without the other parent’s consent, or in violation of custody and visitation orders. It also shields the identity of such groups or persons, including institutions like Planned Parenthood. 

Those facilitating these invasive and life-altering medical interventions are doing so under the misguided notion that they are needed to treat “gender dysphoria,” a condition that usually reflects simple gender nonconformity and/or same-sex attraction. However, as a consequence of the teaching of gender ideology in our schools, its promotion by the corporate news media, social media, and other institutions, as well as peer influence and the usual struggles of children to “fit in,” there has been in recent years an explosive growth in the number of children who have been convinced they were “born in the wrong body”. That is all that is required to be (often self-)“diagnosed” with gender dysphoria. The same social influencers, lacking medical training but nevertheless promoting “trans” identity, then recommend medical interventions as the prescribed “treatment.”

The entire bill is predicated on the bald assertion that children have a “right” to receive “gender affirming health care” and that “interventions” to suppress a child’s normal sexual development and alter their bodies in order to conform to their self-declared “gender identity” may be “medically necessary” for their mental and emotional health.  The peer-reviewed research (some of which is linked to below) tells a very different story.

What this actually amounts to is a “right” of misguided physicians, surgeons, mental-health providers and pharmaceutical companies to subject children and teens questioning their sexual orientation or identity to a regimen of dangerous and mostly irreversible medical procedures – including the chemical suppression of sexual development with dangerous puberty blockers and hormone treatments, double mastectomies for girls, castration for boys, and other radical surgeries – sterilizing them, inhibiting normal growth and development, and putting them on track to be dependent on related “follow-up” care for life.  

There is nothing new about children experiencing uncertainty or confusion about their sexual identity or orientation, having difficulty adjusting to sex stereotypes, sexual development, and social expectations and peer pressures about how they are supposed to behave, especially during adolescence. What is new is the concerted (and well-funded and see also here, here and here) promotion of “trans” identity, and invasive, life-altering medical intervention as a “solution.” What is new is a rapacious lobby advocating behind the scenes for these interventions and the profits of the pharmaceutical and related industries over the best interests of children.  For a further explanation of the harms caused by this utterly corrupt and predatory approach to children struggling with their sexual identity and maturation, see these resources:

Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine

Inventing Transgender Children and Young People by Dr. Heather Brunskell Evans

Irreversible Damage by Abilgail Shrier

Transgender TrendGender Health Query (

Lesbians United ( 

Hitchhiker's Guide (Part III): Hitchhiking on Compassion. (

Trans Rational Voices

4thWaveNow | A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth

Take a stand, and join our fight to halt the passage of SB-107!

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