The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights urges opposition to California’s SB-923, legislation with dangerous nationwide implications.

Senator Scott Wiener has sponsored a bill before the California Assembly intended to ensure the provision of “trans-inclusive healthcare”, by requiring “evidence-based cultural competency training” for all medical and therapeutic professionals and staff.  SB-923 seeks to require MediCal, PACE, state and other partially-funded programs to spend millions of dollars annually on this training, and to funnel much of those funds to “TGI-serving organizations” under the supervision of an existing “California Transgender Advisory Council”. In effect this bill would mandate the expenditure of taxpayer funds to pay an evidence-challenged lobby for gender ideology to coerce health care practitioners to propagate its talking points. That lobby serves the interests of the trans-billionaires invested in the Medical Industrial Pharmaceutical Complex. 

Existing provisions in the Business and Professions Code related to the continuing education requirements of health care providers would be replicated by the adoption of this bill into the Health and Safety Code and the Insurance Code.  The effect would be to impose responsibility on insurers and providers for the ‘evidence-based cultural competency training’ required of the bill, and to skirt a Constitutional prohibition against unfunded mandates.  

SB-923, if enacted, would (on page 10, beginning at line 30) establish a working group with six seats majority allocated to ‘TGI-serving organizations’ and individuals ‘who identify as TGI,’, plus five seats allocated among five state agencies with a role in the management of health services for California residents.  This ‘TGI’-majority led working group is tasked with the formulation of ‘health care quality standards’ and with ‘recommend(ing) training curriculum to provide trans-inclusive health care’.

Gender ideology remains a highly contested body of thought, rife with self-contradictions, masking conditions which, prior to the recent ideological capture of professional organizations, were broadly understood to be evidence of mental and emotional health and social issues related to sexism and homophobia. But where the evidence and logic fail, coerced indoctrination can succeed in protecting the profit margins of this corrupt industry which sees a growth market in pathologizing young people’s natural discomfort with puberty.  

Weathering toxic assaults on academic and medical research and political debate, a growing number of medical professionals, detransitioners, and parents are raising alarms about the dangers, particularly to children, of demands being made by self-diagnosing ‘trans-identified’ individuals for dangerous hormonal treatments and mutilating surgical interventions. Professional organizations like the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine are reminding us that the evidence does not exist to support abandonment of the watchful waiting protocols overwhelmingly accepted as the consensus approach to gender dysphoria until only a few years ago.  

SB 923 seeks to inculcate gender ideology and sex denialism and to substitute adherence to gender dogma and so-called “affirmative care” for self-diagnosing patients for the professional judgment of trained providers of health care services. The aim is to coerce therapists (with captive audience CE professional training plus refresher courses and public shaming for the recalcitrant), into professing a belief in gender ideology and into using inaccurate pronouns. This constitutes compelled speech – a practice which has been ruled unconstitutional in Meriwether v. Trustees of Shawnee State University.  

Passage of this bill would essentially criminalize dissenting views on sex and gender.   According to an assessment by Legislative Counsel, a “violation of these new requirements would be a crime under the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975”.  

The bill’s sponsor remarked at the hearing in the Senate Health Committee that he hopes SB-923, the first bill of its kind, will serve as model legislation for other states to copy. This intention makes it crucial for parents and gender critical organizers across the nation to ensure that it be defeated in California. SB 923 has been extensively amended since the Health Committee hearing and the amended bill is very possibly even worse than the bill as introduced. SB-923 is now scheduled to be heard on May 16th in the California Senate Appropriations Committee.  

Sheila Jeffreys has described so-called ‘trans rights activism’ as a movement for “men’s sexual rights”. Children confused by gender ideology  are paying the costs as they are used as human shields to advance public policy demands for the financial interests of the Medical Industrial Pharmaceutical Complex. An entire generation of gay, lesbian, and gender-nonconforming young people are being sterilized by and otherwise risking their health to the hormonal and surgical interventions being marketed to them as “gender affirmation medicine”. We must not allow the health care system of the largest market in the United States to be captured by this ideology.

Your help is urgently needed to help defeat SB 923.  Please join the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights in this struggle for women’s liberation from the tyranny of gender ideology by challenging this medical malpractice masquerading as “affirmative care”.  Make the calls today!   

Contact the members of the Appropriations Committee and the California Senate and demand that they vote NO.  

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