03E. Women's Rights: Language Issues and Free Speech

"dignity" definition

Rebecca Thorn.  “'They allow us to name something we know is wrong': The new words defining sexual abuse.”  [2022]

3E. Women's Rights: Language Issues and Free Speech

No Conflict They Said
“... the impact on women of men using women-only spaces, including but not limited to: bathrooms, shelters, rape and domestic violence refuges, gyms, spas, sports, schools, accommodations, hospital wards, shortlists, prizes, quotas, political groups, prisons, clubs, events, festivals, dating apps, and language…”

Stop Female Erasure
“Female erasure involves the removal of words that are specific to females and our biologically sexed bodies in language and in law. Around the world, the words female, mother, woman, and girls are being removed from news articles, advertisements,  public health campaigns and in laws that are directly related to our female bodies and their biological processes which directly impact the  privacy, safety, and rights of women and girls.”

 Wisdom begins with calling a thing by its proper name.
― Chinese proverb


Megan Banner. “Halifax pro-noun name badge row sees mass closing of accounts in 'worst PR disaster in British history'.” [2022]

Josephine Bartosch.  “Now you can be cancelled for criticising drag queens: The takeover of our universities is killing free speech.”  [2022]

Andrew Doyle.”  “The liberal case against pronouns: There’s nothing progressive about compelled speech.”  [2022]

Free Speech Union.  "FAQs on what to do if you are asked to declare your preferred pronouns at work." [2022]

Debbie Hayton.  “Why does Penny Mordaunt think ‘trans men are men’?” [2021]

Mark Macaskill. “Primary pupils are being bullied and called transphobic for using wrong pronouns.” [2022]


Maypelsyrup.  “Why saying ‘uterus havers’ and ‘cervix owners’ is medically dangerous for women, especially the most vulnerable women.” [2021]

Mumsnet.  "Anti-pronouns letter to companies."  [2021]

Meghan Murphy.  “Gender preference has no place on a birth certificate.” [2018]

_____. ‘TERF’ isn’t just a slur, it’s hate speech: The term ‘TERF is not just used to smear and deride, but to incite violence.” [2017]   

Sarah Phillimore.  “If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken…” [2021]

Sex Matters. “Lib Dems revise transphobia definition.” [2022]

Joe Silverstein. “Cambridge Dictionary changes definition of ‘man’ and ‘woman.’” [2022]

Joan Smith.  "How offensive is Edinburgh Festival?: If new legislation passes, actors could be criminalised for hurting an audience member's feelings. [2020] 
          Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021

Kathleen Stock. “The importance of referring to human sex in language.” [2022]

Rebecca Thorn.  “'They allow us to name something we know is wrong': The new words defining sexual abuse.”  [2022]

I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.  
― Rebecca West


Sky News Australia.  “'There's no such thing as a cis woman': Inclusive language 'erasing' women's rights.”  [2022]  VIDEO

Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, once asked a group of women at a university why they felt threatened by men.  The women said they were afraid of being beaten, raped, or killed by men.  She then asked a group of men why they felt threatened by women.  They said they were afraid women would laugh at them.
―Molly Ivens, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?

Carol J. Adams.  The sexual politics of meat: A feminist-vegetarian critical theory. [2015] BOOK
          (Author article)  Carol J. Adams.  "The sexual politics of meat: wings,
          thighs and breast: menu choices or an individual who matters so
          little that her body parts can be consumed for someone
          else's enjoyment?"  


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