01B. Women’s Resistance to Male Chauvinism and Anti-Feminism

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1B. Women’s Resistance to Male Chauvinism and Anti-Feminism

“Preventing and combating the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking & sexual slavery”

Kara Dansky
“…committed to protecting the rights, privacy, and safety of women and  girls on the basis of sex in law and throughout society.”

Gulabi Gang [India]
 "The Gulabi Gang was initially intended to punish oppressive husbands, fathers and brothers, and combat domestic violence and desertion. The members of the gang would accost male offenders and prevail upon them to see reason. The more serious offenders were publicly shamed when they refused to listen or relent. Sometimes the women resorted to their lathis, if the men resorted to use of force.”

Keep Prisons Single Sex
“... established in 2020 to campaign for the sex-based rights of women in prison to single-sex accommodation and same-sex searching. We also campaign for data on offending to be recorded by sex throughout the criminal justice system.”

Nordic Model Now!
“Movement for the Abolition of Prostitution”

Stop Patriarchy
“End pornography and patriarchy: The enslavement & degradation of women”
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Yes All Women
“Yes all women go through physical, mental and sexual abuse.”

First of all, nobody gave us anything. It makes me furious when I hear that they gave us suffrage. Excuse me? It took 72 years of unrelenting, unbroken organizing grassroots effort to get women's suffrage. It took 113 years to get rid of child labor by law. It took similarly long periods of organized effort to accomplish any advance in social policy.
― Gerda Lerner


Anonymous.  “LGB Fight Back holds Valentine’s protests in 5 cities: ‘Stop transing kids!’” [2021]

Julie Bindel. “Kathleen Stock: I won’t be silenced: The trans activist campaign against her has backfired.” [2021]

_____.   “The women jailed for fighting back: The re-trial of Fri Martin shows how little the justice system cares for victims of domestic violence.” [2021]

_____.   “When abused women fight back: Those trapped in violent relationships are still being let down by the justice system.”  [2021]

_____.  “Why I sued Pink News: Allegations of sexual abuse and coercive control were aimed at me.” [2021]

Hadley Freeman.  “Why I’m suing Survivors’ Network: Tape victims need female-only spaces.” [2022]

IMDb. “Suffragette.” [2015]

Sirin Kale. “The legendary women's rights activist who mailed Obama a coat hanger: Laura X led the campaign to outlaw marital rape across the USA in the 1970s and 1980s.” [2016] 

June Kelly.  “Woman suing rape charity over transgender row.”  [2022]

Tyler Kingcade.  “How a Title IX harassment case at Yale in 1980 set the stage for today's sexual assault activism.” [2014]

Morgan Laird. “What’s current: Campaigners in Ottawa protest the transfer of male offenders to women’s prisons” [2022]

Kamala Lopez.  “Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust files ERA lawsuits to save women’s rights: ‘By declaring the ERA’s validity, this Court will prevent the Supreme Court from overruling Roe and protect women’s basic human right to control their own lives,’ attorneys wrote in each of the three complaints."

Catherine MacKinnon.  “Where #MeToo came from, and where it’s going:  The movement is moving the culture beneath the law of sexual abuse.” [2019]

Chris Marr. “Last-minute bid to save right to abortion comes via ERA lawsuits.” [2022]

Tyler O’Neil. “First lesbian reinstated to U.S. Army comes out against  transgender 'erasure of women'.” [2018]

Raquel Rosario Sánchez.  “Why this feminist is taking the University of Bristol to court.”  [2022]

Kathleen Stock.  “Doing better in arguments about sex, gender and trans rights: Tadical feminist and gender-critical philosophers challenge their opponents to avoid some obviously bad argumentative moves.” [2019]

Karen Trinko.  “This mom is fighting her school’s LGBT indoctrination.”  [2019]

Women’s Liberation Front. “WOLF sues California Department of Corrections to restore single-sex prisons.” [2021]

The promise of equality is not the same as true equality. 
― Sheryl Sandberg

Linda Hirschman.  Reckoning: the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment.  [2019]  BOOK

Maria Keffler.  Desist, detrans & detox: Getting your child out of the gender cult.  [2021]  BOOK

Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.
― Gloria Steinem

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