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Stein Campaign Platform Doubles Down for the Gender Cult

Stein Campaign Platform Doubles Down for the Gender Cult
Platform reveals commitment to TQ+ Agenda; 
ignores public opinion, the impacts on females, children, lesbian and gay youth,
and the advise of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights

Today, the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights released a letter first sent to Dr. Jill Stein on March 25th.  On that date, GASBR responded to a Jill Stein campaign mailing of the previous month with an eight-page letter deconstructing the positions staked out by the campaign on a number of issues related to gender ideology.  That letter was sent privately to Dr. Stein by email and was hand delivered to her home.  Dr. Stein made no effort to respond directly to the GASBR letter, nor to dialogue with GASBR members on the multiple issues raised, instead doubling down with the May 17th publication of her 2024 campaign platform.  

“The positions staked out by Dr. Stein in this document leave her at best a subject of critical or reluctant support by some of our members, and neutrality or even opposition by others. More importantly, they undermine her campaign’s ability to reach out to vast swaths of disaffected US voters who find themselves politically homeless by their witness of the assaults on women’s rights by all political parties, pro-peace or pro-war, corporate or otherwise, across the political spectrum,” said Denice Traina,  Co-Chair for the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights and for the Georgia Green Party1.  “Sadly that list now includes far too many in the national Green Party, though thankfully not my own state party.”  

In the Stein 2024 campaign platform, as a part of a plank labeled at least originally ‘LGBTQIA+ Rights’, the Stein campaign has unquestioningly embraced the rhetoric and misinformed narratives of the lobby for gender ideology, following the lead of the Democratic Party on gender identity including its promotion of sex denialism, the elimination of women’s sports and privacy protections, and medicalization and sterilization of lesbian, gay and gender non-conforming minors, and other young people on the autism spectrum and those who have survived trauma. 

GASBR Welcomes Stein Pledge on ERA; Expects More from a Green Candidate

GASBR Welcomes Stein Pledge on ERA
Expects More from a Green Candidate

Last week, Dr. Jill Stein, a candidate for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States at a campaign event at a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stated “We would do that on day one for sure”, in response to a question on the Equal Rights Amendment, indicating her support.   

“While we welcome this first public statement from her campaign on this subject”, we expect much more from the presumptive nominee of a self-described feminist political party,” said Carol A. Bouldin, Co-Chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  “It is not enough that she responds to questions on the subject.  Women in the United States need Dr. Stein to lead on this issue and incorporate it into her stump speech at every appearance in order to educate voters and demand immediate action from the current administration, long before the polls open for the November election.”

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GASBR’s ERA Task Force has for months been communicating with Jill Stein about the Constitutional Crisis facing this nation and the political opportunity available to her campaign in this historic moment.  GASBR has been asking Stein to educate her campaign supporters and the public about the Trump and Biden Administrations’ obstruction of the ministerial duty of the National Archivist, in defiance of their oath of office to serve and protect the Constitution, including the Article V. provisions governing how it is amended.   

The Equal Rights Amendment is the law

Emanuel Pastreich, Independent Candidate for President, March 14th, 2024

When Virginia approved the Equal Rights Amendment in January 2020, the thirty-eight states demanded by the Constitution for legal ratification of an amendment was reached. Some foolishly assumed that when the Biden Administration took power, it would recognize the law in light of President Biden’s constant harping on the ERA, and also because his cabinet had made identity and diversity such key themes in their speeches. Such Americans were sadly mistaken. The unaccountable Biden administration is as unencumbered by the Constitution as the Trump administration was and the Equal Rights Amendment is treated by the executive and judiciary as if it did not exist.

Under President Biden, we face a dictatorship that masquerades as the restoration of the rule of law. The constitutional crisis resulting from Biden’s contempt for the Equal Rights Amendment represents the cold steel fist in a multicultural fluffy glove that is his administration.

Bella Abzug and others March for the ERA
Bella Abzug and others March for the ERA

Following the Constitution, and federal law, the Biden administration has no say about whether the Equal Rights Amendment becomes the foundation for all debate on equality of citizens before the law. The executive branch is empowered to implement laws and regulations, the legislative branch is empowered to draft and approve laws and regulations and it has already approved the Equal Rights Amendment. The courts are responsible for determining that the laws are upheld.

Even more importantly, the corporate media, the pay-to-play public intellectuals promoted by big business, and other shadowy players who hire expensive lobbyists and PR firms have no role to play in the determination of policy or law.

The Equal Rights Amendment is already the law. Its content is fully supported by the vast majority of Americans. The Biden administration pretends the ERA is not the law because it does not care about working women, and because it is tasked by corporations with carrying out the slow demolition of the United States of America as a constitutional republic, and creating a political Disneyland that is driven by domestic repression wherein personalities or images in the mass media, not laws, legitimate the illegal actions of the government.

Mission Statement of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights

Mission Statement for the
Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights

pdf version

As the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights, we seek to build an explicitly gender critical and profeminist Green political movement, welcoming the participation of both women and men who embrace - as inspiration -- the founding values of the Green Party and particularly feminism, grassroots democracy, respect for diversity, and decentralization. We affirm these values especially, in the face of the recent failure to honor them by authoritarians who have usurped the leadership of the Green Party of the United States; an organization many of us have worked decades to build. We are inspired by the vision these values offer to build a harmonious future devoid of war and violence, grounded in community and economic justice, where we live sustainably and in harmony with Nature, cultivating just relationships with our global neighbors, and respectful of democratic practices which make it possible to embrace respectfully the diversity of the human community.

Towards these ends we intend to pursue as essential tasks:

  1. engaging in outreach to build a broad membership and base of support committed to this Mission;
  2. developing state-based affiliates for the Green Alliance;
  3. conducting political education for our members and for the public;
  4. honoring the leadership of feminist women;
  5. framing a process for the development and periodic ratification by democratic means, of a national platform, building upon the current GPUS platform, as a framework for engagement in organizing political action independent of the corporate parties, addressing the needs especially of women, the working class, people of color, lesbians, gays and other oppressed groups;
  6. framing a process for the democratic development and ratification of governing documents;
  7. and convening a national convention to inaugurate an explicitly pro-feminist, gender critical, women led Green Alliance as a political association, independent of corporate parties and influence, uniting member state organizations to engage in elections and other political activities, whether inside or outside the Green Party of the United States.


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