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GASBR Welcomes Stein Pledge on ERA; Expects More from a Green Candidate

GASBR Welcomes Stein Pledge on ERA
Expects More from a Green Candidate

Last week, Dr. Jill Stein, a candidate for the Green Party nomination for President of the United States at a campaign event at a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stated “We would do that on day one for sure”, in response to a question on the Equal Rights Amendment, indicating her support.   

“While we welcome this first public statement from her campaign on this subject”, we expect much more from the presumptive nominee of a self-described feminist political party,” said Carol A. Bouldin, Co-Chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  “It is not enough that she responds to questions on the subject.  Women in the United States need Dr. Stein to lead on this issue and incorporate it into her stump speech at every appearance in order to educate voters and demand immediate action from the current administration, long before the polls open for the November election.”

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GASBR’s ERA Task Force has for months been communicating with Jill Stein about the Constitutional Crisis facing this nation and the political opportunity available to her campaign in this historic moment.  GASBR has been asking Stein to educate her campaign supporters and the public about the Trump and Biden Administrations’ obstruction of the ministerial duty of the National Archivist, in defiance of their oath of office to serve and protect the Constitution, including the Article V. provisions governing how it is amended.   

Biden Continues to Dissemble on ERA as Administration Fails to Address Constitutional Crisis

Biden Continues to Dissemble on ERA
as Administration Fails to Address Constitutional Crisis

Pandering for women's votes, on August 26, President Biden published a two paragraph statement for Women's Equality Day, stating that he will "continue to urge Congress to act swiftly to recognize ratification of the ERA".  Yet the Biden Administration's Department of Justice argued before the DC Court of Appeals last fall that there is no role left for Congress in the process.  

Although he campaigned for women’s votes in 2020, promising to support the Equal Rights Amendment that achieved final ratification in January of that year, President Biden has failed to instruct the National Archivists to fulfill their statutory obligation to “publish . . .  forthwith” the duly ratified Equal Rights Amendment. Biden appointed Dr. Colleen Shogan as our eleventh National Archivist.  Dr. Shogan at her Senate confirmation hearing said she would demur to judicial authorities over whether to fulfill her statutory duty to publish a finding that the Equal Rights Amendment has been ratified.  

"If Biden has really 'supported the ERA since (he) first ran for public office', as he asserted in his statement last week, why hasn't he picked up the phone and instructed the National Archivist to do her job and publish it?" asked Carol Bouldin, a co-chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights, a membership organization.  "His behavior leaves us with only two viable options, either he does not understand the Constitution he swore an oath to defend; or he remains hostile to women's equality but is lying because his re-election is dependent on women's votes.  Our members are asking, which is it?"  

NOW-PAC Squanders Political Capital; Undermines Own Mission, Opportunity to Demand Equality for Women

NOW-PAC Squanders Political Capital
Undermines Own Mission, Opportunity to Demand Equality for Women

Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights organizes for an independent politics

As primary opponent Marianne Williamson used her keynote address on Friday to the Georgia chapter of NOW to pledge day one action to instruct the National Archivist to publish the Equal Rights Amendment, the “political action committee of the National Organization for Women (NOW), announced . . . it is endorsing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for reelection in 2024.”

In their announcement, NOW’s National President sought to deceive her own membership and the voting public, claiming “This is our earliest endorsement for a presidential re-election campaign because the Biden-Harris administration has and continues to place women’s issues at the forefront, not through words but through actions.”

Yet, the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights has repeatedly pointed out that both the actions and the inactions of the Biden Administration have created a Constitutional Crisis, and are evidence of President Biden’s failure in his Constitutional duty to see that the laws of the nation are faithfully executed.

“Women have been betrayed long enough by operatives in the non-profit sector who have prioritized their own partisan loyalties over their organization’s stated missions to work for the interests of women,” said Carol Bouldin of California, a co-chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  The Alliance exists to “organiz(e) political action independent of the corporate parties”.  

GASBR Welcomes Marianne Williamson Pledge for Day-One Action to instruct Archivist to Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

Marianne Williamson Pledges Day-One Action
To instruct Archivist to Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights welcomes her leadership

At the state conference of the Georgia Chapter of the National Organization for Women, held Friday, August 25th, 2023 in Stockbridge Georgia, Marianne Williamson, a candidate for the Democratic Party’s 2024 Presidential nomination, told attendees: “On day one of my Presidency, I will call the archivist and command the publication of the Equal Rights Amendment.”  These remarks were made during a Q&A session following her lunchtime keynote address to the conference.  

The ERA achieved final ratification in January 2020 and enjoys vast public support.  The Biden Administration has created a constitutional crisis, by refusing to do what Marianne Williamson on Friday pledged to do: put women’s equality in the Constitution once and for all.  

Attorneys for the Biden Administration’s Department of Justice even fought against the ERA in two federal lawsuits – in Massachusetts and Washington DC.  The lawsuits were filed in January 2020 when Trump was in office. They were designed to compel the National Archivist to comply with federal law that mandates the Archivist to publish new constitutional amendments “forthwith,” as soon as the last necessary state ratifies.  (Title 1 US Code Section 106b).  

Marianne Williamson Pledges Day-One Action to Publish the Equal Rights Amendment
Marianne Williamson Pledges Day-One Action to Publish the Equal Rights Amendment

Democrats duplicitous
in their support of Equal Rights Amendment

Democrats duplicitous in their support of Equal Rights Amendment
Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights demands action
by Biden Administration Archivist to Publish the ERA

This weekend, Democrats are gathering in Seneca Falls, New York, to virtue-signal to the U.S. electorate in its supposed support for the Equal Rights Amendment, while their President continues to fail to direct his Administration to publish the Amendment.  The ERA achieved final ratification in January 2020 and enjoys the support of 75% to 94% of the public, while 80% would be surprised to learn it is not already enforceable.  The inaction of the Biden Administration has created a Constitutional Crisis, and is evidence of President Biden’s failure in his Constitutional duty to see that the laws of the nation are faithfully executed.  

“The women of this nation do not need photo ops, electioneering, or grandstanding from Democrats,” said Romi Elnagar of Louisiana, a co-chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  The Green Alliance last year published a petition urging President Biden to instruct the National Archivist to publish the ERA.  “Women need urgent action to acknowledge that we have already amended the Constitution to guarantee us first class citizenship and the strict scrutiny of the Courts for the many de jure and de facto forms of discrimination which remain legally binding.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Representative Corey Bush (D, MO) on July 14th introduced HJRes-82 which encouragingly acknowledges the history of the ERA’s ratification, including addressing the legal nullity of a state’s rescission of an action to ratify.  Even so, her language backed off the statutory requirements that the Archivist ‘shall’ publish a ratified amendment (as the duty is framed in Title 1 US Code Section 106b).  The Bush resolution uses the word ‘should’ in its operative language, encouraging rather than directing the National Archivist to do her job.  

News this past week revealed the June 16th letter signed by 19 Attorneys General to demand the legal authority to obtain a woman's confidential health care records related to out-of-state abortions in violation of her privacy rights.  The  comments of the Republican AGs on the HHS rulemaking relied heavily on the decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  “Lynn Fitch’s letter highlights the risks posed to women’s lives and liberties by the decades of inaction by Democrats who have treated women’s rights and concerns as election issues for raising dollars and volunteers, rather than as a governing priority,” said Ms. Elnagar.  “Their actions are reminiscent of the Fugitive Slave Act and our nation’s history of treating humans as chattel property.  It is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court could have been so contemptuous and dismissive of women’s bodily integrity had the ERA already been recognized as a part of the U.S. Constitution.”

California Legislature Weighs Incendiary Bill
Inviting Conflict Among States
Green Alliance Opposes Sanctuary
for Those who Mutilate Minors

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights last weekend adopted a statement urging “the strongest possible opposition to SB-107 [, that ] aims to draw young people from all over America to undergo irreversible pharmaceutical and surgical procedures”. If adopted, SB-107 would amend statutes related to criminal extradition, subpoenas, and jurisdiction over child custody to privilege and shield from immunity the gender medicine industry, worth billions in annual revenues. The bill is also designed to shield physicians and others providing so-called ‘gender affirming health care’ from all legal liability when they flee prosecution or civil litigation by relocating to California. The California Assembly now has before it a bill passed by the state’s Senate on a 32-0-8 vote which if enacted would prohibit California courts and law enforcement from cooperating with court orders and subpoenas from other states.  

“This bill gives a pass to kidnapping, runaways, criminal assault, medical malpractice, venue shopping in child custody disputes, and more,” said Romi Elnager, a retired public school teacher and Steering Committee member for the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  “The rights of parents from across the nation to protect their children from harm will be thwarted. This measure would breach the cooperation constitutionally mandated for any state which would attempt to defend these parents’ role in their children’s lives. And they do so on behalf of an industry which profits by pathologizing puberty, a vital component of the human maturation process”.  

Elected officials and particularly Democrats have succumbed to the campaign contributions and high dollar public relation campaigns of pharmaceutical interests and others invested in medical transition. states that they exist to “help firms engage with the $5.2 Trillion LGBT+ market opportunity”.  Global Market Insights in a 2019 report states that the global market for just the so-called sex-reassignment surgery sector will be worth an estimated $1.5 billion by 2026, roughly 400% growth over six years. A December 2020 article in Forbes cites a source which estimates the U.S. transition market to ultimately be worth $200+ billion. Revenues expected for the pharmaceutical industry which markets for children, puberty blockers (used to chemically castrate sex offenders) and cross-sex hormones (creating a life-long dependency after the destruction of the endocrine system by  puberty blockers) are estimated to run a million dollars or more for each customer. This is in spite of a lifespan shortened (as already being documented) by the adverse impacts of these chemicals on patient longevity. 

Funders For LGBTQ Issues reports that roughly a fifth of the $183 million in philanthropic giving for LGBTQ+ causes in 2017 was targeted to transgender initiatives, wildly disproportionate to the number of trans-identified individuals among the population. Jennifer Bilek’s research asserts that much of that is at the behest of a handful of trans-billionaires and others invested in the medical transition market, including George Soros, Martine Rothblatt, the Pritzker Family, and particularly the Arcus Foundation, funded by Stryker Medical.  

Senate Bill 107 is framed by its sponsor, Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco, as an effort to provide sanctuary for minors who, with or without the knowledge or consent of their parents, seek so-called “gender-affirming medicine”. The bill’s language offers immunity and state protection to the practitioners who administer such controversial protocols who then flee to California from other states which have passed legislation seeking to hold practitioners liable for criminal assault, or civilly accountable for malpractice or the ethical breaches of mutilating surgeries in the absence of fully-informed consent. Gender ideologues would have us believe that minors too young to legally drink alcohol, get a tattoo, enter into a contract, consent to sex, or otherwise conduct themselves as adults are mature enough to consent to castration or the amputation of healthy breasts.  The truth is, no child has the capacity to understand the consequences of these radical interventions or their long-term effects..

“Heather Brunskell Evans has described gender-medicine as the only field of medicine which transforms a healthy body into a life-long patient,” said Hugh Esco, Secretary for the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights.  “We constitute governments to promote the general welfare of its citizens, not the quarterly profits of campaign contributors.  We must restore legitimacy to the democratic process. We must halt this insane social contagion and the ideological capture of our governing institutions which drives and condones it.  It’s past time to heed the warnings of detransitioners who have direct experience with the adverse consequences of these practices.  We must respect the legitimate, peer-reviewed research which has weathered the abuses of ideological cancellation.  Neither the integrity of medical science nor gender confused young people should be sacrificed to the profit-driven pharmaceutical industry.  We must restore legitimacy to the democratic process.”

Green Alliance Opposes
Compulsory Evidence-Challenged Indoctrination

California Senate Sends SB-923 to Assembly
Green Alliance Opposes Compulsory Evidence-Challenged Indoctrination

On Monday, May 23rd, 2022, the California Senate passed SB-923 and then sent it to the State Assembly, where it has not been referred to committee, but is now being “held at the desk”, a term which means it is available for immediate floor consideration.  If it passes in the Assembly and is signed by the Governor, this measure purports to require so-called “evidence-based cultural competency training” for all medical and therapeutic professionals and staff. In fact, the proposed new law would not provide “training,” but indoctrination. That indoctrination would not be based on “evidence” but on the dogmatic beliefs of transgender activists.   

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights urges opposition to this legislation. It charges that SB-923 seeks “to mandate the expenditure of taxpayer funds to pay an evidence-challenged lobby for gender ideology to coerce health care practitioners to propagate its talking points.” That lobby serves the interests of the medical industrial pharmaceutical complex, which rakes in massive profits from so-called “gender-affirming” care.  

Sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener, (D, District 11 in San Francisco),  SB-923 seeks to require MediCal, PACE, state and other programs fully or partially funded by California taxpayers to spend millions of dollars annually on this training, and to funnel much of those funds to “TGI-serving” [transgender, gender-non conforming and intersex] organizations under the supervision of an existing “California Transgender Advisory Council” subject to ‘health care quality standards’ formulated by a working group stacked by this legislation with a majority of TGI-aligned members.   

“This compulsory indoctrination is part of a pattern of behavior by the lobby for gender ideology which abuses the democratic process and common sense, advancing the ideological capture of organizations and professions for the profits of the gender medicine industry,” said Hugh Esco, Green Alliance Secretary and a founding member of the Georgia Green Party.  Last year the Georgia party was expelled as a member of the Green Party of the United States because of the state party’s position supporting the sex-based rights of women, and their opposition to the malpractice of gender medicine, unethically being practiced on children incapable of fully-informed consent.  “This industry refuses to account for the external costs of their agenda, being borne at the expense of the lives and sex-based rights of women, the lives and dignity of gay and lesbian people, and the physical, mental, and emotional health of our most vulnerable children.  We must learn to follow-the-money and oppose the sacrifice of children as human shields for the profits of this predatory industry.” 

On April 6, 2022, the Senate Committee on Health  heard testimony on SB 923.  The proponents were dominated by trans-identified individuals claiming to have been traumatized by medical professionals reluctant to sign off on the demands of self-diagnosed patients for experimental use of off-label hormonal and mutilating surgical interventions. Testifying therapists advocating passage had a financial interest in so-called “affirmative care.” Despite compelling testimony from detransitioner Cat Cattinson, parents of detransitioning children, and other stakeholders, Democrat Committee members dismissed their legitimate and serious concerns, characterizing those in opposition as “denying the existence of transgender people.” The bill’s sponsor remarked at the hearing that he hopes SB-923, which he described as “the first bill of its kind”, will serve as model legislation for other states to copy.  

In its statement on the bill, the Green Alliance points out that gender ideology “remains a highly contested body of thought, rife with self-contradictions, masking conditions which, prior to the recent ideological capture of professional organizations, were broadly understood to be evidence of mental and emotional health and social issues related to sexism and homophobia. But where evidence and logic fail, coerced indoctrination can succeed in protecting the profit margins of this corrupt industry which sees a growth market in pathologizing young people’s natural discomfort with puberty.” 

The Green Alliance statement further adds: “An entire generation of gay, lesbian, and gender-nonconforming young people are being sterilized by and otherwise risking their health to the hormonal and surgical interventions being marketed to them as ‘gender affirmation medicine’. We must not allow the health care system of the largest market in the United States to be captured by this ideology.”

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights is a pro-feminist, gender critical, women-led membership organization, independent of corporate parties and influence, seeking to engage in elections and other political activities.  

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Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back
Green Alliance Inaugurates
Political Education Series

Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back
Green Alliance Inaugurates Political Education Series

The recently organized Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights (GASBR) announced the inaugural event in its political education series intended for monthly episodes. The first event is entitled: Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back. The ERA and the Women's Bill of Rights. This virtual event is scheduled for June 18th, and is open to the general public with tickets starting at $5.00.

After a hundred years of organizing, action by the Virginia Assembly gave the Equal Rights Amendment the support of the necessary three-quarters of the states required to amend the U.S. Constitution. First the Trump Administration and now the Biden Administration have failed to act to recognize this momentous victory by permitting the National Archivist to publish the ERA's ratification in the Federal Register. Meanwhile, the ever growing encroachment of gender ideology has given some feminists pause that the strict scrutiny afforded protected classes identified by the U.S. Constitution will work to undermine the sex-based rights of women to privacy, dignity and protections from male violence. Among these advocates are those who have partnered with women across the political spectrum to advocate for a Women's Bill of Rights guaranteeing the protection of intermediate scrutiny and disparate treatment when a compelling governmental interest (protecting women from men's violence) argues for sex-based distinctions under the law. Advocates of the ERA argue that strict scrutiny is imperative in order not only to advance women’s rights but also to safeguard those that currently exist.

GASBR urges feminists and their pro-feminist supporters to register for this event where EqualMeansEqual's Wendy Murphy and GASBR's cochair Ann Menasche will discuss these approaches and the strategies demanded of us to advance the liberation of women in the 21st Century.  

In an April statement, the membership of GASBR was agreed “that our support for the ERA is not sufficient. We must wage the struggle against gender ideology while continuing to advance a pro-active agenda for women’s liberation, building on the herstory of achievements by our fore-mothers in the First and Second Waves of Feminism, to improve the world we would leave to our daughters and the generations of women to come. That agenda includes securing the tools needed to fight against policies and practices by all levels of government and corporations that continue to discriminate against women based on their sex. We ultimately conclude that the ERA is one of those tools.”

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights
Launches Website
Invites Politically Homeless
to Build a New Pro-Feminist Membership Organization

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights Launches Website 
Invites Politically Homeless to Build a New Pro-Feminist Membership Organization 

This week the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights (GASBR), launched its website, at: 

inviting Greens, feminists, pro-feminists and politically homeless gender critical voters to visit the site, browse its content, subscribe to the organization’s lists and if they agree with the principles in our founding statement, to become dues-paying members.  

"After significant gains by Second-Wave Feminists won through struggle in the Seventies, Eighties and early Nineties, we have witnessed thirty years of backlash from women-hating forces within our society," said Ann Menasche, an attorney, founding Co-Chair of the new organization and a former Green Party candidate for Secretary of State of California. In 2021, Ms. Menasche defended the Georgia Green Party against charges by the Lavender Caucus of the Green Party of the United States that the Georgia Party Platform's endorsement of women's sex-based rights made it ‘transphobic’. "Many of GASBR's founders have worked for years, even decades to build a Green Party in this country. It has been heart-breaking to watch our national party be torn asunder from within by gender ideology and see Greens employ authoritarian methods to silence and then expel those who support feminism and recognize women’s rights as a sex.” 

Last year, the Georgia party was dis-accredited as a member of the Green National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, for standing by its Platform's endorsement of the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights.  

For the past nine months, a growing group of gender critical green party activists in the United States have incubated a new membership organization called the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights, or GASBR. These activists continue to fight for core green values. Some have left the party, many were pushed out  and others still continue to fight to return the U.S. Green Party to its early feminist roots. 

The GASBR founding members began with weekly meetings, formulated a founding statement, then a mission statement and designated an interim steering committee.  After ratifying bylaws the group established a treasury, created a dues-based membership program, elected its steering committee and officers and switched to a schedule of bi-weekly meetings for its members. Since then the GASBR membership has begun to stake out positions on the issues of the day, starting with an endorsement of the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights, a statement on the threatened reversal of Roe vs. Wade and most recently a statement reaffirming the right to fairplay in sports for women and girls. Several other policy documents are under development.  

"It was only two years ago when I was first inspired by the rhetoric of the Green Party. But my new political party seems to have forgotten the very values which brought me to its ranks. We each need a political home to serve our aspirations for our communities," said Tykisha Murphy of Galveston Texas. Ms. Murphy is a founding Co-Chair of GASBR and a military veteran whose subsequent work as a labor and delivery nurse well-acquainted her with the differences between men and women, as well as with the risks women face bringing life into this world. Ms. Murphy was elected by the Texas party’s membership at the 2021 state convention as a member of the State Executive Committee. She subsequently came under fire by gender ideologists in the Texas Green Party when she authored a letter (linked below) in defense of the Georgia Green Party. She was denied due-process as required by the state party’s bylaws, when her SEC peers assumed for themselves the power to remove Ms. Murphy from the SEC.  

GASBR "seek(s) to build an explicitly gender critical and pro-feminist Green political movement, welcoming the participation of both women and men who embrace -- as inspiration -- the founding values of the Green Party". The groups' mission anticipates: building a broad membership, developing state-based affiliates, conducting political education, framing a process for the development and periodic ratification of a national platform and "convening a national convention to inaugurate an explicitly pro-feminist, gender critical, women led Green Alliance as a political association, independent of corporate parties and influence, uniting member state organizations to engage in elections and other political activities, whether inside or outside the Green Party of the United States." 

"A political party which fails to center women in its feminism, is not entitled to claim feminism as a key value," said Kerri Bruss, a retired nurse, founding Co-Chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights and a Wisconsin resident. Ms. Bruss was expelled from the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States for attempting to ‘initiate discussion’ of women’s sex-based rights on the internal caucus listserv. Apparently her doing so was deemed not only offensive but ‘threatening’ by leadership and some members of the Women's Caucus, that for the record, includes men who would claim womanhood. Ms. Bruss was also recently removed from voluntary service on her state party’s IT Committee by a vote of its Coordinating Council, during discussion of which, a member in leadership referred to her as a ‘cancer’ that needed to be ‘excised’. "Susan B. Anthony was clear when she said in 1872, ‘No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex’, and the same holds true today. The Green Party of the United States, in its abandonment of feminism, can lay no claim to Green Values. It is left to those of us who seek to actually practice those values to carry that mantle. The work of ending the U.S. corporate-driven, imperialistic wars against sovereign nations, people and the planet which makes our very lives possible, demands no less of us."

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