12.  Pornography and Women as Objects in the Media and in Hollywood. The Beauty Industry

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12.  Pornography and Women as Objects in the Media and in Hollywood. The Beauty Industry

“Preventing and combating the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking & sexual slavery”

Arienh Autumn
Anarcha-Feminist, sex trafficking survivor"

Collective Shout

“… a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls.
“Collective Shout is for anyone concerned about the increasing pornification of culture and the way its messages have become entrenched in mainstream society, presenting distorted and dishonest ideas about women and girls, sexuality and relationships.”

Culture Reframed

“Building resilience & resistance to hypersexualized media & porn”

The Movie Guide for Women
“Alline Cormier's film guide for women”

Stop Patriarchy
“End pornography and patriarchy: The enslavement and degradation of women”

Pornography tells lies about women.  But pornography tells the truth about men.
— John Stoltenberg


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 … pornography is the bible of sexual abuse; is a chapter and verse; pornography is the law on what you do to a woman when you want to have mean fun on her body and she’s no one at all…  She’s at the bottom of the barrel.
― Andrea Dworkin, Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Feminist Militant

AC [Alline Cormier] Picks.  VIDEO CHANNEL

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Pornography exists for the lonesome, the ugly, the fearful—it’s made for the losers.
― Rita Mae Brown 


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The plague of pornography is swirling about us as never before. Pornography brings a vicious wake of immorality, broken homes, and broken lives. Pornography will sap spiritual strength to endure. Pornography is much like quicksand. You can become so easily trapped and overcome as soon as you step into it that you do not realize the severe danger. Most likely you will need assistance to get out of the quicksand of pornography. But how much better it is never to step into it. I plead with you to be careful and cautious. 
―Joseph B. Wirthlin



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