06.  The Science and Medicine of Sex, Reproduction and Transgendering

sperm and egg


6.  The Science and Medicine of Sex, Reproduction and Transgendering

Paradox Institute
“Sex differences explored… The content we produce is informed by scientific literature; professionals from the fields of biology, psychology, endocrinology, and sociology.”
Zach Eliot
          Sex difference research in biology

 Partners for Ethical Care
“… a non-partisan, all-volunteer, grassroots nonprofit organization.. to raise  awareness and support efforts to stop the unethical treatment of children by schools, hospitals, and mental and medical healthcare providers under the duplicitous banner of gender identity affirmation.  We believe that no child is born in the wrong body.”        

Project Nettie 
“Project Nettie: scientists supporting biological sex.”  

The world doesn't need a good woman who is meekly obedient to the uncivilized social norms that advocate female inferiority. The world needs those bad women who can think for themselves, to break the primeval norms of the society that consistently drag the human civilization back to the stone-age.  
Abhijit Naskar, The Bengal Tigress: A Treatise on Gender Equality


American Committee for the Weizman Institute of Science.   [2017]   “Researchers identify 6,500 genes that expressed differently in men and women.”  

Carol Dansereau. “The anti-science disaster of gender ideology in our schools.”  [2022]

Zach Eliot.  “Defining sex versus determinig sex.” [2022]
https://archive.ph/GQt1o  RECOMMENDED

_____. “A response to ‘stop using phony science to justify transphobia’.”

Lesbians United. “Puberty suppression: Medicine or malpractice?”  [2022] 

Andy Lewis. “On the existence of females.” [2022]

Graham Linehan.   “’Medical malpractice and a crime against humanity’: Lesbians United release a bombshell report on puberty blockers.” [2022]

Graham Linehan, “Tulip R.”  “What they took from us.”  [2022]
https://archive.ph/wip/LDhkv    WARNING:  GRAPHIC

Lupron Victims Hub.  “All about Lupon.” 

Shefali Luthra.  “Boston Children’s Hospital will no longer perform two types of intersex surgery on children.”   [2020]

Corey Lynn.   “Exploiting transgenders Part 2: Medical engineering origins.”[2019]

Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B., M.S., Ph.D. Paul R. McHugh, M.D. “Sexuality and gender: findings from the biological, psychological, and social sciences.” [2016]

Dr. Paul McHugh.  “Transgender surgery isn’t the solution.” [2014]

Kerry Smith, M.D.  “Testosterone & young females: What is known about lifelong effects?” [2018]

Dr. Dylan Wilson.  “On the myth that puberty blockers are ‘reversible.’” [2022]

Colin Wright..” JK Rowling is right—sex is real and it is not a ‘spectrum.’”  [2020]

_____."On sex and gender, The New England Journal of Medicine has abandoned its scientific mission." [2020]

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power. 
― Oscar Wilde


Caroline Hooten.  T: The story of testosterone: the hormone that dominates and divides us.  [2022]  ONLINE BOOK


No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.
― Margaret Sanger

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