11.  Sexual Assault, Incest, Rape, including Rape by Trans-Identified Males.  Sexual Predation.  Women and the Police

bound woman in bathtub


11.  Sexual Assault, Incest, Rape, including Rape by Trans-Identified Males.  Sexual Predation.  Women and the Police

Black Women’s Rape Action Project [UK]

Pandora's Project
"Support and resources for survivors of rape and sexual abuse"

Philadelphia Center Against Sexual Violence [formerly Women Organized Against Rape, or WOAR]


Women facing sexual violence rarely speak up or call the police because they know what awaits them. Even good men hate it when women express their feelings, often responding with mockery, insults or threats. There’s a box in the minds of American men, a box labeled 'Girl Problems,' into which men can stuff any complaint made by women they wish to ignore.” 
― Israel Morrow, Gods of the Flesh: A Skeptic's Journey Through Sex, Politics and Religion 


Project Respect
“Creating a world without sexualized violence”

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
“… the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence network.”

This Never Happens [Facebook group]
“…Only stories about crimes committed by males who claim to be or pose as women with occasional notifications about action steps directly related to our content…This is not a  discussion page. It is meant to be a resource.” 

Transcrimes [UL]
“Documenting crimes committed by transgender individuals in the UK”

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter
“Our services are available to all women who have experienced male violence including wife battering, incest, rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and prostitution… developed for women by women…”

Women Against Rape [UK]
“...  for justice, protection and compensation for all women and girls who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence.”

Women for Women International
“Since 1993, Women for Women International has invested in the power of over 500,000 women who are forgotten — the women survivors of war and conflict — to learn the skills they need to rebuild their families and communities.”

Do you really think that laws made by men and a justice system maintained by men will ever be fair in cases of rape? 
― Dennis R. Miller.  Nora Hawk in One Bullet Beyond Justice


Kayla Webley Adler.  “The first crime against them is rape. The second is being billed for it.” [2022]

Yulia Alma.  “Trans-identified male accused in jailhouse rape of female cellmate.” [2023]

Katie Barker.  “The Cotton Ceiling is a continuation of Rape Culture by other means.” [2022]

Josephine Bartosch.
 "Gender self-ID is a predators’ charter:  The grim case of Andrew Miller has exposed the naivety of the SNP’s trans zealotry.”  [2023]

_____.  “Rape crisis centers have sold out feminism.”  [2022]

Julie Bindel.  "'I will never call my rapist father a woman':  Sexual predators are finding new ways to hide."  [2023]

_____.  “New York is betraying rape victims: Restorative justice is a dream come true for violent men.” [2022]

_____.  “When abused women fight back: Those trapped in violent relationships are still being let down by the justice system.”  [2021]

_____. “The women jailed for fighting back: The re-trial of Fri Martin shows how little the justice system cares for victims of domestic violence.” [2021]

_____. “Why women fear the police: A locker-room culture has long been pervasive among officers in the force.” [2021]

Suzanne Brown.  “Feminist history of rape.” [2003]

Kylie Cheung.   “LAPD officer killed in training ‘accident’ was investigating gang rape by 4 other officers:  Officer Houston Tipping died in May in what the LAPD called a tragic accident. His family's lawyer has been contesting these claims for months.

Isaac Clotiner.  “Kate Manne on the costs of male entitlement.” [2020]

Kevin Cullen.  "Serial rapists hate women but can’t be charged with a hate crime in Massachusetts:  Under federal law, and in most states, sex and gender are protected classes in hate crime laws. Not in Massachusetts." [2023]

Sarah Ditum.   "Can sex offenders change?: A new documentary suggests there is little hope of rehabilitating all those men who behave like monsters." [2020]
https://archive.ph/WBD6l https://unherd.com/2020/08/can-sex-offenders-change/?=refinnar

_____. “Murdered by a police officer while walking home: The story of Sarah Everard.” [2021]

Andy Dolan and Tom Pyman."Transgender woman, 24, who raped friend weeks after being released from prison for child sex offences is sentenced to nine years in a men's jail:  Lexi-Rose Crawford is expected to serve sentence for the attack in a male prison.  Her victim told court she was suffering from PTSD and had attempted suicide” [2023]

Dr. Em.  “Predators and their enablers.” [2022]

Hadley Freeman.  “Why I’m suing Survivors’ Network: Rape victims need female-only spaces.” [2022]

Renee Gerlich. “Cassandra lives: From politics to the courtroom, women are disbelieved.” [2020] 

_____. “Transgenderism, neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk.”  [2019]


John Glover.  “Ayrshire college beauty students asked to strip in front of transgender rapist Isla Bryson after horror sex attacks: Horrified female students say they feel 'violated' after getting naked for spray tan sessions in front of Isla Bryson, 31, while unaware he was awaiting trial for raping two vulnerable women.”  [2023]

Genevieve Gluck.  "CANADA: Man who raped infant quietly moved to prison with mother-baby unit after transgender claim.” [2023]

I will never understand why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a rapist.
— Anonymous

Tanya Gold. “Sexual assault is the great leveler: The current narrative forgets one thing: 'Rape Culture' isn't confined to private schools.” [2021]


Guest Blogger.  “How male entitlement affects everyone’s day to day.” [2019]

Brad Hunter.  “Trans woman sexually assaulted shelter resident: Cops.”   [2023]

Megan Janetsky.  "Mexico prosecutors withdraw case against woman sentenced to prison for killing man raping her." [2023]

Stuart Jeffries.  “Are women human?” [2006]
“In her new book, leading feminist Catharine MacKinnon argues that women are still treated more like "things" than people.”

Melissa Jeltsen.  "Woman says police forced her to give birth in handcuffs: The woman claims she was shackled during her labor, over the objections of medical staff who told police the practice was illegal." [2018]

June Kelly.  “Woman suing rape charity over transgender row.”  [2022]

Chris Kitching.  “Woman 'pinned down' at Sarah Everard vigil slams police and wants new protest tomorrow.”  [2021]

Victoria Law. “Against carceral feminism.” [2014]

Richard Luscombe and agencies.   “Appeal raises $150,000 for girl ordered to pay family of accused rapist she killed: Judge had ‘no other option’ but to impose restitution on human trafficking victim given probation with risk of 20 years’ prison.” [2022]

Sanchez Manning.  “EXCLUSIVE: Woman sexually abused by her father discovers they will be released from jail identifying as a woman - using transgender 'legal loophole' that could see child sex attackers cover up their past by adopting new gender identity:  Ceri-Lee Galvin, 24, was abused for nine years from the age of eight by her father.” [2023]

Meghan Murphy.  “Discontinuation of grant to Vancouver Rape Relief shows trans activism is an attack on women.” [2019]    

Wendy Murphy.  “An open letter to Harvard Law Professor Nancy Gartner.”  [2023]

_____. “Texas school shooter threatened to kill and rape girls in online messages, but nobody reported him.” [2022]

Stuart Nicolson.  “Man abducted and sexually assaulted schoolgirl while dressed as woman.” [2023]

Jessica North.  "Hospital says patient could not have been raped because alleged attacker was transgender:  The incident has drawn attention to the impact of self-ID in hospitals and other institutions like the police with Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne calling on Westministers Lords to scrap it."

Oliver Norton.  “TWIST PERV: Rape monster who target female victims demands move to WOMEN’S prisons.” [2023]

Brenden O’Neill. “Now even rape victims are being called bigots: Trans ideology forces even the victims of sexual violence to adhere to its eccentric orthodoxies.” [2021]

David Pilditch. "Hospital worker, 52, who was kidnapped and tortured by trans activist who told a cheering crowd to 'punch TERFs in the face' brands her a 'dangerous, violent individual’.”  [2023]

Reduxx Team.  “AUSTRALIA: Trans-identified male convicts of setting homeless man on fire sentenced to 9 years in prison.”  [2023]

_____. "WPATH member counselor defends pedophiles as a 'marginalized population.' [2022]

Reduxx and The Publica.  “Woman abused by trans-identified male contacted by police after “misgendering” non-binary patient while in hospital.”  [2023]

Patrick Reilly.  “Transgender Rikers inmate sentenced to 7 years for raping female prisoner.” [2022]

M. Vittoria Saladino.  “Her friend was killed by she survived and fought for the truth: The horrific story of the Circeo massacre.”  [2022]

Diane Shaw.  "‘Transgender’ inmates sexually assault, rape female inmates at a shocking rate, Ministry of Justice reveals."  [2020]

Anna Slatz. "Breaking:  Female inmate sues City of New York after being sexually assaulted by male predator who was 'instructed' to claim he was transgender in order to be housed with women." [2024]

Westminster News.  “Lucy [Lucy Allan MP]  signs amendment [to the Victims and Prisoners Bill] to prevent sex offenders hiding their identity.” [2023]

Why Evolution Is True.  “Woman opposing participation of trans women on women’s sports teams assaulted at SFSU.”  [2023]

Andrea Wilkum.  “Globalization of rape culture.” [2017]

Richard Winton, Libor Jany.  "LAPD officer convicted of raping a woman off duty; cold case DNA tied him to attack.” [2023]

Kalyn Womack. “Black teenage girl who killed her rapist ordered to pay $150k to his estate: The bill created to protect trafficking victims in cases like this did not get passed in the state.” [2022]

Women’s Rights Network.  “Thousands of rapes and sexual assaults in UK hospitals—Only 4.1 per cent of suspects known to have been charged. ”  (UK) [2023]

Paul J. Wright, Robert S. Tokunaga, Ashley Kraus.  “A meta-analysis of pornography consumption and actual acts of sexual aggression in general population studies.” [2016]


A world without rapists would be a world where women moved freely without fear of men.  That some men rape provides a sufficient threat to keep all women in a constant state of intimidation forever conscious of the knowledge that the biological tool must be held in awe for it may turn into a weapon with sudden swiftness borne of harmful intent.
― Susan Brownmiller, Against our Will: Men, Women and Rape



BBC News. "Why does violence against women so often go unpunished?." [2021]

Center for Investigative Reporting.  "Victim/suspect." [2023]
https://www.imdb.com/title/tt24079788/  MOTION PICTURE

Graham Lineman. "We hear you're being untoward about paedophiles: Posie gets an extraordinary visit from the police." [2022] VIDEO

Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, once asked a group of women at a university why they felt threatened by men. The women said they were afraid of being beaten, raped, or killed by men. She then asked a group of men why they felt threatened by women. They said they were afraid women would laugh at them.
― Molly Ivins, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She?



Susan Brownmiller.  Against our will:  Men, women and rape.  [2008]  BOOK

Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti.  Yes means yes: visions of female sexual power and a world without rape.  [2008]  BOOK
          (review) https://archive.ph/wip/IMqv4

Kate Harding. Asking for it : The alarming rise of rape culture--and what we can do about it. [2015]  ONLINE BOOK


I don’t care that it has been going on since the Old Testament. Rape is wrong and I will keep fighting violent men. Everything starts with one person and the determination to see it through.
― Nora Hawks in One Bullet Beyond Justice


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