01A. The Politics of Women's Rights; Community Organizing, Activism, Advocacy. The Sexism of the Left

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1A. The Politics of Women’s Rights; Community Organizing, Activism, Advocacy. The Sexism of the Left

Feminist Current
“…a unique perspective on gender, women’s rights, violence against women, pop culture, politics, current events, sexuality, and many other issues that are often  underrepresented or misrepresented by mainstream, progressive, and feminist media sources.”

The Gender Critical [UK]
“…working to build an ecosystem for gender critical activism”

Gender Critical Greens PAC

The Andrew Goodman Foundation
“Stengthening Women’s Voices in Politics”

Meeting Ground Online
“For the liberation of women and working people”
“This blogzine is dedicated to organizing: please discuss! argue! write!

Period Action
"We aim to advocate for systemic change through policy and legislation regarding menstrual equity. Reaching out to state representatives, canvassing, and lobbying are all important in making period poverty a mainstream issue and one that our legislators will prioritize."

The history of men's opposition to women's emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

Julie Bindel. Julie Bindel.  “Men on the left hate women, men on the right hate women, but who has the power to take our rights away?” [2022]

_____. “The sly sexism of Left-wing men: Supporting porn and prostitutes doesn't make you a feminist.”  [2022]

Carol Dansereau. “Hitchhiker's Guide (Part V): Undermining the Movement Humanity Needs.”  [2022]

Kara Dansky.  “Democrats like me are furious with our party for pushing gender insanity.”  [2021] https://archive.ph/W2MAn

Defend Feminists Campaign. “Inciting violence has no place on the Left.” [2020] https://archive.ph/wip/YGPlQ 

Sarah Ditum.  "How the Left betrayed feminism: Who needs women's sex-based rights when you have authoritarian utopianism?" [2020]

Jane Egerton.  “Women and the religious right in the USA.” [2022]

Zach Elliot.  "Misogyny is revisionism. Part 1: On the Left’s 'woman' problem." [2017]

_____. "Misogyny is revision. Part 3: in defense of feminism." [2017]

Linda Gale. “The Greens Party is too important to abandon it to social media mobs.” [2022] https://archive.ph/TK29F

Mary Harrington.  “The sexual revolution killed feminism: Fetishising freedom harms us all.” [2021]

Jane Clair Jones.  “Purity spirals, political alliances, and movement building.”  [2022]

Sirin Kale. “The legendary women's rights activist who mailed Obama a coat hanger: Laura X led the campaign to outlaw marital rape across the USA in the 1970s and 1980s.” [2016]

Laura Kamienski. “For us: In defense of women’s only spaces.”
https://archive.ph/U0WXL, or

Graham Lineman.  "From a Green Party insider." [2022]

Claudia Lucas and Julia Diana Robertson. “NY Democrats quietly dismantle “1 male, 1 female’ rule. [2019] 

Catherine MacKinnon.  “Where #MeToo came from, and where it’s going:  The movement is moving the culture beneath the law of sexual abuse.” [2019]

Ian Millheiser. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg probably just dealt a fatal blow to the Equal Rights Amendment: A half-century long fight for equality is likely at an end.” [2020] 

Thistle Petterson.  “Feminist ejected from 'Queer' workshop at Feminist Party's Presidential Nominating Convention.” [2022]

Carli Pierson.  “Remind me why the Biden administration is in court fighting publication of the ERA?”  [2022]https://archive.ph/OFn39

Kat Rosenfield. “How feminism ate itself: The call for intersectionality was the beginning of the movement's end.” [2021]

Michael Savage.  “Labour accused of ‘silencing’ women in row over sex-based rights group.” [2022]

Sex Matters.  “Lib Dems revise transphobia definition.” [2022]

They tried to bury us; they did not know we were the seeds. 
― Mexican Proverb

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.  Keep marching: How every woman can take action and change our world.  [2018] BOOK 


Weird, isn’t it, but I struggle to remember any other progressive movement that attracted so many men who love fantasising about the brutal deaths of women.
― JKRowling



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