MSN: Trans Activist Called on Crowd to Punch TERF Women in the Face During Hate Inciting Speech

Story by S.Salmaan • Monday

The Trans Pride event held in London recently became the center of a heated debate after a transgender activist, Sarah Jane Baker, made a controversial speech inciting violence against those critical of Trans ideology. 

Hate Speech

Baker, who served 30 years in jail for attempted murder, used her platform to encourage physical confrontation with anyone deemed a “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist).

Addressing the crowd, Baker expressed a departure from her original intention of delivering a positive and inclusive message.

Instead, she declared, “Nah, if you see a TERF, punch them in the ******* face.”

Take a Stand

The statement elicited cheers from the audience but sparked fury on social media, with users condemning the call for violence and urging Trans Pride to take a stand against such behavior.

Labour MP Clive Lewis acknowledged the widespread anger generated by Baker’s remarks but cautioned against generalizing the issue.

He pointed out that violent language and actions are not exclusive to one side of the debate.

Toxic Rhetoric

However, Lewis emphasized that advocating violence is unequivocally wrong and called for a collective effort to step away from the toxic rhetoric.

In response to Lewis, Alice Sullivan, a professor of sociology at University College London, highlighted the gendered aspect of the controversy.

She stated that male violence against women and girls is not a matter of “both sides” and challenged Lewis to provide examples of feminists issuing similar threats.

Call to Condemn

Sullivan argued that every time women gather to discuss their rights, they face abuse, making it crucial to unequivocally condemn such behavior.

The Trans Pride event, touted as the largest-ever demonstration for Trans rights, saw thousands marching through London, culminating in speeches by activists at Hyde Park Corner.

Baker, who took the stage with an Antifa flag, shared her controversial views amidst the event.

Baker’s has a criminal history of violent crime which includes charges of kidnapping, torturing her stepmother’s brother, and subsequent conviction for attempted murder while in prison.

She was released in 2019.

Police to Review Video

Before Baker’s speech, the Trans activists and their supporters paraded through Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square, displaying signs in celebration of worldwide Pride festivities.

Following the outcry, the Metropolitan Police announced that they are aware of a video recording capturing the speaker’s remarks during the Trans Pride event and are reviewing it to determine if further action is necessary.

Outraged Response

Several Twitter users expressed their views on the incident.

One user commented, “I believe speech shouldn’t be suppressed unless it incites physical harm. Then the right to freedom of speech is usurped by the need to safeguard others physically.”


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