Hugh Esco

Roswell Georgia
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Prepared to speak extemporaneously on:

  • pornography industry
  • sex-based rights of women
  • gender medicine for children
  • weaponization of wokeness and cancel culture
  • constitutional crisis created by failure of Trump/Biden Administrations to publish the ERA
  • the barriers to meaningful democratic engagement in the United States
  • the history of U.S. imperial aggression against sovereign nations around the world
  • the ideological capture by the gender lobby of the Green Party of the United States as an example of similar institutional capture being experienced on the political left and beyond
suggested questions
How are we harmed by the pornography industry?
Why is it important that community organizers, leaders, parents and others challenge the lobby for gender ideology?
How did the Georgia Green Party come to be dis-accredited from the Green Party of the United States?
What is ideological capture and why should we care?
What is cancel culture, why do you believe it is harmful and what do you mean by the 'weaponization of wokeness'?

Hugh Esco is the author of The Lobby for Gender ideology: A Quick Primer, a forty page pamphlet taking perhaps an hour to read. 

He was a founding member of the Georgia Green Party for which he has served on and off as the state party's Secretary.  He has run for public office four times, once as an independent, three times with the endorsement or nomination of the Georgia Green Party; twice for the Georgia General Assembly and twice for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. 

Hugh lives in Roswell Georgia and operate a small business offering website hosting, application development and video production and marketing services for small businesses, non-profits, issue advocacy campaigns and Green Party candidates. 

Hugh has been engaged with community organizing efforts since the late 80s.  He has been active with the Green Party since 1989.  He has held a variety of leadership roles in electoral campaigns in every election cycle since 1992, including municipal, congressional and presidential races. 

He served multiple terms as the co-chair of the Committee on Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures for the Green Party of the United States.  In that role he authored and sheparded passage of the Rules for the national party's Quadrennial Presidential Nominating Convention, used in the last four Presidential cycles. 

Hugh has done legislative monitoring and advocacy work for the Green Party and a variety of non-profits and advocacy organizations, mostly at the Georgia General Assembly (17 regular sessions and the intervening special sessions), but also before municipal and county governing bodies and for the a couple of campaigns seeking Congressional action. 

He served on the Hill as a House staffer in the 109th Congress.  And has also done some contract work for members of the Georgia General Assembly. 

In addition, Hugh worked throughout the 80s and early 90s in the film industry, mostly in the electrics department, on a couple of dozen pictures, but also on dozens of ads, industrial films and music videos,  He also worked in the IT industry for more than a decade, as a programmer and systems administrator. 

He has developed over the years subject matter expertise in a number of areas of public policy, including waste management, transportation planning and funding policy, a variety of areas of election reform and over the past few years issues related to the commercial exploitation of women and children, gender medicine and the sex-based rights of women.

  • community organizer since 1987
  • nearly 15+ years experience with legislative monitoring and advocacy
  • Green Party Nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, 1998, 2002
  • Green Party candidate for Georgia Assembly, 2003 House District #8
  • Special Assistant to Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, 109th Congress
  • business owner since 2006
  • author
  • film producer

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