The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights
Launches Website
Invites Politically Homeless
to Build a New Pro-Feminist Membership Organization

Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights 
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Monday, February 28, 2022 

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Ann Menasche, Kerri Bruss, TyKisha Murphy, Co-Chairs  

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights Launches Website 
Invites Politically Homeless to Build a New Pro-Feminist Membership Organization 

This week the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights (GASBR), launched its website, at: 

inviting Greens, feminists, pro-feminists and politically homeless gender critical voters to visit the site, browse its content, subscribe to the organization’s lists and if they agree with the principles in our founding statement, to become dues-paying members.  

"After significant gains by Second-Wave Feminists won through struggle in the Seventies, Eighties and early Nineties, we have witnessed thirty years of backlash from women-hating forces within our society," said Ann Menasche, an attorney, founding Co-Chair of the new organization and a former Green Party candidate for Secretary of State of California. In 2021, Ms. Menasche defended the Georgia Green Party against charges by the Lavender Caucus of the Green Party of the United States that the Georgia Party Platform's endorsement of women's sex-based rights made it ‘transphobic’. "Many of GASBR's founders have worked for years, even decades to build a Green Party in this country. It has been heart-breaking to watch our national party be torn asunder from within by gender ideology and see Greens employ authoritarian methods to silence and then expel those who support feminism and recognize women’s rights as a sex.” 

Last year, the Georgia party was dis-accredited as a member of the Green National Committee of the Green Party of the United States, for standing by its Platform's endorsement of the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights.  

For the past nine months, a growing group of gender critical green party activists in the United States have incubated a new membership organization called the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights, or GASBR. These activists continue to fight for core green values. Some have left the party, many were pushed out  and others still continue to fight to return the U.S. Green Party to its early feminist roots. 

The GASBR founding members began with weekly meetings, formulated a founding statement, then a mission statement and designated an interim steering committee.  After ratifying bylaws the group established a treasury, created a dues-based membership program, elected its steering committee and officers and switched to a schedule of bi-weekly meetings for its members. Since then the GASBR membership has begun to stake out positions on the issues of the day, starting with an endorsement of the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights, a statement on the threatened reversal of Roe vs. Wade and most recently a statement reaffirming the right to fairplay in sports for women and girls. Several other policy documents are under development.  

"It was only two years ago when I was first inspired by the rhetoric of the Green Party. But my new political party seems to have forgotten the very values which brought me to its ranks. We each need a political home to serve our aspirations for our communities," said Tykisha Murphy of Galveston Texas. Ms. Murphy is a founding Co-Chair of GASBR and a military veteran whose subsequent work as a labor and delivery nurse well-acquainted her with the differences between men and women, as well as with the risks women face bringing life into this world. Ms. Murphy was elected by the Texas party’s membership at the 2021 state convention as a member of the State Executive Committee. She subsequently came under fire by gender ideologists in the Texas Green Party when she authored a letter (linked below) in defense of the Georgia Green Party. She was denied due-process as required by the state party’s bylaws, when her SEC peers assumed for themselves the power to remove Ms. Murphy from the SEC.  

GASBR "seek(s) to build an explicitly gender critical and pro-feminist Green political movement, welcoming the participation of both women and men who embrace -- as inspiration -- the founding values of the Green Party". The groups' mission anticipates: building a broad membership, developing state-based affiliates, conducting political education, framing a process for the development and periodic ratification of a national platform and "convening a national convention to inaugurate an explicitly pro-feminist, gender critical, women led Green Alliance as a political association, independent of corporate parties and influence, uniting member state organizations to engage in elections and other political activities, whether inside or outside the Green Party of the United States." 

"A political party which fails to center women in its feminism, is not entitled to claim feminism as a key value," said Kerri Bruss, a retired nurse, founding Co-Chair of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights and a Wisconsin resident. Ms. Bruss was expelled from the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States for attempting to ‘initiate discussion’ of women’s sex-based rights on the internal caucus listserv. Apparently her doing so was deemed not only offensive but ‘threatening’ by leadership and some members of the Women's Caucus, that for the record, includes men who would claim womanhood. Ms. Bruss was also recently removed from voluntary service on her state party’s IT Committee by a vote of its Coordinating Council, during discussion of which, a member in leadership referred to her as a ‘cancer’ that needed to be ‘excised’. "Susan B. Anthony was clear when she said in 1872, ‘No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex’, and the same holds true today. The Green Party of the United States, in its abandonment of feminism, can lay no claim to Green Values. It is left to those of us who seek to actually practice those values to carry that mantle. The work of ending the U.S. corporate-driven, imperialistic wars against sovereign nations, people and the planet which makes our very lives possible, demands no less of us."

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