Stein Campaign Platform Doubles Down for the Gender Cult

Monday, June 10th, 2024

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Stein Campaign Platform Doubles Down for the Gender Cult
Platform reveals commitment to TQ+ Agenda; 
ignores public opinion, the impacts on females, children, lesbian and gay youth,
and the advise of the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights

Today, the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights released a letter first sent to Dr. Jill Stein on March 25th.  On that date, GASBR responded to a Jill Stein campaign mailing of the previous month with an eight-page letter deconstructing the positions staked out by the campaign on a number of issues related to gender ideology.  That letter was sent privately to Dr. Stein by email and was hand delivered to her home.  Dr. Stein made no effort to respond directly to the GASBR letter, nor to dialogue with GASBR members on the multiple issues raised, instead doubling down with the May 17th publication of her 2024 campaign platform.  

“The positions staked out by Dr. Stein in this document leave her at best a subject of critical or reluctant support by some of our members, and neutrality or even opposition by others. More importantly, they undermine her campaign’s ability to reach out to vast swaths of disaffected US voters who find themselves politically homeless by their witness of the assaults on women’s rights by all political parties, pro-peace or pro-war, corporate or otherwise, across the political spectrum,” said Denice Traina,  Co-Chair for the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights and for the Georgia Green Party1.  “Sadly that list now includes far too many in the national Green Party, though thankfully not my own state party.”  

In the Stein 2024 campaign platform, as a part of a plank labeled at least originally ‘LGBTQIA+ Rights’, the Stein campaign has unquestioningly embraced the rhetoric and misinformed narratives of the lobby for gender ideology, following the lead of the Democratic Party on gender identity including its promotion of sex denialism, the elimination of women’s sports and privacy protections, and medicalization and sterilization of lesbian, gay and gender non-conforming minors, and other young people on the autism spectrum and those who have survived trauma. 

Stein seems unaware of the ongoing global developments regarding so-called “Gender Affirming Care” of minors,  (WPATH Papers / Cass Review Final Report) which argue for a re-evaluation of the long debunked policies now being advocated by the Stein Campaign.  It is particularly troubling to see the degree to which Jill Stein, herself a now retired medical doctor, has ignored the comprehensive reviews of the medical literature related to gender medicine; and their findings.  As one researcher put it, “the research evidence claiming to show positive effects from cross-sex hormones or surgery is not scientifically adequate. Many studies are flawed and not reliable.” 

Polling data has consistently shown that super-majorities of US voters across the political spectrum reject the policy demands being advanced by the pharmaceutical and medical industry, funded by the lobby for gender ideology and woven into the law by elected Democrats. This includes people in the LGB community itself who are challenging medical transition of minors, which many consider a homophobic practice, including liberal groups like the LGB Alliance USA, the LGBT Courage Coalition, and more conservative groups like Gays Against Groomers.  Nonetheless, the Stein Campaign platform, as well as the Green Party platform, aligns with that of the Democrats, and demonstrates its uncritical support for those same demands.  Her platform makes clear that she has apparently failed to even consider the meticulously documented information provided in the GASBR letter to Dr. Stein of March 25th.  

The women’s plank cites German Green Party founder, Petra Kelly as having said:  

“The liberation of women and men from the bonds of patriarchy is essential 
to the work of building a peaceful, just, and ecological society.”

Ironically, also as a part of her women’s rights plank, Stein lends the weight of her campaign to advancing the monetary interests of the world’s oldest oppression.  She astonishingly calls for the repeal of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) and the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA), which have provided powerful tools to law enforcement for the prosecution of pimps using the Internet to market the women they traffic. One has to ask why Stein would wish to inhibit the pursuit of sex traffickers. This is the kind of misguided policy position that springs from minimizing the harms of prostitution by adopting the pimp’s talking points, as she does with her reference to “sex work”. 

The Platform of the Green Party of the United States continues to call for Nordic Model reforms, which would criminalize the johns (whose purchases create the demand) and the pimps (who profit from the exploitation) while protecting from criminal prosecution and providing social services sufficient to an exit strategy for the mostly women exploited by the industry, but Stein does not include this in her platform. Instead she calls for the decriminalization of all sex work. Her use of this term propagated by the sex-industry in their efforts to whitewash the degrading and dehumanizing oppression of prostitution and doing so in a discussion of women’s rights is telling of her lack of understanding of female oppression, any commitment to women’s liberation, and a lack of empathy for women’s victimization and suffering.. 

Further, her women’s rights plank calls for ‘protect(ing) and enforc(ing) Title IX’, with no self-awareness that these goals are directly undermined by the positions she stakes out in support of the Democratic Party position regarding gender identity.  Stein appears oblivious to the fact that the demands of trans-identified males’ to enter women’s sports teams negate Title IX and infringe on the sex-based rights of women and girls to female-only sports and safe spaces, ignoring actual females’ right to safety, privacy, dignity, and equal opportunity.

Stein advocates for the abolition of “misgendered imprisonment,” i.e. the incarceration of men with women prisoners.  Female prisoners are being raped and terrorized by male sexual predators2 3 who have been convicted of raping and murdering women and girls. These men who have violated women’s basic human rights are now self-id’ing their way into the women’s prisons without consideration by prison officials of the likelihood that female cellmates of these convicted felons will be locked up 24/7 with someone with a proven history of attacks on women. Litigation is already characterizing these practices as an Eighth Amendment violation against the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Stein’s embrace of this demand by men’s rights activists leaves Greens wondering why she is not concerned for the well-being of women prisoners, many of whom have been victims of male brutality and exploitation in the past.

Stein calls for the blurring of boundaries, endorsing institutional sex denialism, promoting the spurious category of “non-binary” while she voices support for the indoctrination of children in the schools and the continuation of medicalizing lesbian and gay and gender non-conforming minors, and requiring this medical malpractice to be covered by insurance providers. If such individuals demand medical intervention to transition while they are imprisoned, even then the taxpayers must pay for it. 

Among the specific campaign promises made in the TQ+ plank advancing policies most troubling to GASBR members, . . . 

  • Support for the Equality Act, which many feminists, including lesbians, have critiqued for undermining the long fought-for gains for women’s rights. One such group, Feminists in Struggle, has called for its amendment to preserve women’s rights while expanding the rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and all  gender non-conforming people, whether trans-identified or not;
  • Uncritical advocacy for the ‘implement(ion of) LGBTQIA+ inclusive public education to combat bullying’; which has served as cover for the indoctrination of children into gender ideology and queer theory, and the creation of in-school cultures hostile to critical thinking and free expression which challenge the compelled speech supporting its theories and assertions; 
  • A call for federal legislation to ban ‘conversion therapy’, which has come to mean ignoring the evidence basis for what is called ‘gender medicine’, and overlooking the irreparable and life-changing ‘trans-away-the-gay’ conversion therapy for which these bans provide legal cover;
  • A call to end ‘cumbersome legal name change requirements and fees’, which have provided some limited means to track convicted predators across self-declared and self-identified gender identity/sex-change; 
  • A call to ‘(d)eclare trans murder and suicide rates a national emergency’, ignoring the lack of evidence that either murders or suicides are disproportionately impacting trans-identified individuals at rates which would constitute a national emergency, while also ignoring the staggering rate of male violence towards natal females; 
  • A call to ‘degender . . . Federal public documents’, contributing to the erasure of women; 
  • ‘Prohibit insurance companies from denying trans-affirming procedures’ guaranteeing a payment source on which the gender medicine industry’s future revenue growth depends, mischaracterizing cosmetic procedures introducing iatrogenic harms as ‘life-saving health care’ in the face of growing evidence, particularly for pediatric patients,  documented in comprehensive reviews that it is anything but; 
  • A call to rewrite medical literature to satisfy the gender extremists’ demand to destigmatize trans identity with a ban on the use of so-called transmedicalist language and the erasure of sex despite its high degree of relevance to medical care; 
  • A call to ‘(o)utlaw misgendered imprisonment nationwide’, a practice which in multiple states has already turned women’s prisons into rape camps, with the female prisoners being terrorized by convicted rapists and sexual predators, and resulting in multiple unwanted pregnancies.

GASBR activists have repeatedly attempted to engage with Stein over a period of many months.  While many of our members support her outstanding positions on issues such as Palestne and Gaza, Stein’s lack of understanding and concern for the rights of women leaves us no choice but to denounce her clear allegiance to what we perceive as a cult of misogyny, the unscientific sex denialism and sexist erosion of the hard-won rights and erasure of women.

“I fear that too many in the party have been mis-educated in a rhetoric which has co-opted, contorted, and corrupted the language of feminism to advance the interests of misogynist men”, said Ms. Traina. “GASBR intends to change that.”

– 30 – 

GASBR Letter to Dr. Jill Stein, dated March 25th, 2024 

Jill Stein 2024 Campaign Platform 

1   Included here for identification purposes, with no intent to imply that the positions taken by the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights represents those of the Georgia Green Party.


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