Office Max/Office Depot Prints 'PUNCH A TERF' Cards at Eight Locations and Counting

Office Depot / Office Max prints Punch-a-TERF cards
Office Depot / Office Max prints Punch-a-TERF cards


July 27, 2023 (Chicago, Illinois) - Despite private assurances of the company’s respect for its female customer base, and a promise that print jobs encouraging violence against women violate its corporate policy, Office Max / Office Depot continues to print materials that read “Punch a TERF.”

On July 11, women’s rights activist Jennifer Thomas went to Office Max Skokie, Illinois to pick up an advance order of personal business cards bearing the graphic “American TERF.” Upon arrival, she was told that her order “encourages references and promotes hatred, hostility or violence” towards “trans people” and so her order was canceled.

She explained that her order was in support of women’s rights and was told “It is, but it goes against trans rights” and “perhaps Staples could help.” On the same day, Thomas’s tweets about the event inspired a California-based activist to order cards that read “Punch a TERF,” which were immediately printed by OfficeMax / Office Depot.

In the following days, Skokie’s district manager, John Millet privately apologized to Thomas, offering to print her cards. He said that printing “Punch a TERF” violated company policy and he would escalate the matter. He declined multiple requests to address both matters in a public statement.

Since July 11, women’s rights activists have successfully printed “Punch a TERF” cards at additional locations, including Chicago (IL), Seattle (WA), Merrillville (IN), Lancaster (PA), Colorado Springs (CO), Reno (NV), and Los Gatos (CA), with more women across the country joining the action every day.


TERF is an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. It is a pejorative term created by trans rights activists meant to dehumanize and normalize violence against women who fight for sex-based rights. Women’s rights are routinely violated in the name of trans rights, resulting in males in women’s spaces (including shelters and women’s prisons) and sport. Thomas is one of many women who reclaim the term in a show of defiance to violent men - often members of Antifa - who use it to do them harm.

Alan “Sarah Jane” Baker is a British trans-identified male convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping who cut off and ate his own testicles. Earlier this month, Antifa flag in hand, he instructed the crowd at London Pride, “If you see a TERF, punch ‘em in the f—ing face.” Met Police categorized his statement as free speech, refusing to pursue the matter. Public pressure eventually forced them to charge Baker with a public order offense and recall him to prison.

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Another company that interferes with women’s ability to do business while also selling products promoting violence against them is Etsy. The company has removed multiple items from dentransitioner Laura Becker’s store, threatening her with removal from the site. At the same time they sell a shirt “TERF Eradicating Radical Feminist” with an image of a gun.

“We requested OfficeMax / Office Depot make a public statement demonstrating its private assurances that they support women’s right to free speech and their ability to do business. We asked them to state clearly that they do not participate in calls for violence against women. Not only did they refuse, but we’ve printed “Punch a TERF” eight times and we’re just getting started. The company has proven it cares about its female customers about as much as Bud Light cares about the men who drink their beer.” — Jennifer Thomas, Founder, Free Speech for Women

Thomas is currently working with women’s rights activists across the country on the upcoming Washington D.C. protest of the ACLU and the ways it has abandoned girls and women, ignoring their right to single sex spaces, sports and prisons. Those interested in donating to the August 11th event can do so here:

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