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Compulsory Evidence-Challenged Indoctrination

Thursday, May 26th, 2022 

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California Senate Sends SB-923 to Assembly
Green Alliance Opposes Compulsory Evidence-Challenged Indoctrination

On Monday, May 23rd, 2022, the California Senate passed SB-923 and then sent it to the State Assembly, where it has not been referred to committee, but is now being “held at the desk”, a term which means it is available for immediate floor consideration.  If it passes in the Assembly and is signed by the Governor, this measure purports to require so-called “evidence-based cultural competency training” for all medical and therapeutic professionals and staff. In fact, the proposed new law would not provide “training,” but indoctrination. That indoctrination would not be based on “evidence” but on the dogmatic beliefs of transgender activists.   

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights urges opposition to this legislation. It charges that SB-923 seeks “to mandate the expenditure of taxpayer funds to pay an evidence-challenged lobby for gender ideology to coerce health care practitioners to propagate its talking points.” That lobby serves the interests of the medical industrial pharmaceutical complex, which rakes in massive profits from so-called “gender-affirming” care.  

Sponsored by Senator Scott Wiener, (D, District 11 in San Francisco),  SB-923 seeks to require MediCal, PACE, state and other programs fully or partially funded by California taxpayers to spend millions of dollars annually on this training, and to funnel much of those funds to “TGI-serving” [transgender, gender-non conforming and intersex] organizations under the supervision of an existing “California Transgender Advisory Council” subject to ‘health care quality standards’ formulated by a working group stacked by this legislation with a majority of TGI-aligned members.   

“This compulsory indoctrination is part of a pattern of behavior by the lobby for gender ideology which abuses the democratic process and common sense, advancing the ideological capture of organizations and professions for the profits of the gender medicine industry,” said Hugh Esco, Green Alliance Secretary and a founding member of the Georgia Green Party.  Last year the Georgia party was expelled as a member of the Green Party of the United States because of the state party’s position supporting the sex-based rights of women, and their opposition to the malpractice of gender medicine, unethically being practiced on children incapable of fully-informed consent.  “This industry refuses to account for the external costs of their agenda, being borne at the expense of the lives and sex-based rights of women, the lives and dignity of gay and lesbian people, and the physical, mental, and emotional health of our most vulnerable children.  We must learn to follow-the-money and oppose the sacrifice of children as human shields for the profits of this predatory industry.” 

On April 6, 2022, the Senate Committee on Health  heard testimony on SB 923.  The proponents were dominated by trans-identified individuals claiming to have been traumatized by medical professionals reluctant to sign off on the demands of self-diagnosed patients for experimental use of off-label hormonal and mutilating surgical interventions. Testifying therapists advocating passage had a financial interest in so-called “affirmative care.” Despite compelling testimony from detransitioner Cat Cattinson, parents of detransitioning children, and other stakeholders, Democrat Committee members dismissed their legitimate and serious concerns, characterizing those in opposition as “denying the existence of transgender people.” The bill’s sponsor remarked at the hearing that he hopes SB-923, which he described as “the first bill of its kind”, will serve as model legislation for other states to copy.  

In its statement on the bill, the Green Alliance points out that gender ideology “remains a highly contested body of thought, rife with self-contradictions, masking conditions which, prior to the recent ideological capture of professional organizations, were broadly understood to be evidence of mental and emotional health and social issues related to sexism and homophobia. But where evidence and logic fail, coerced indoctrination can succeed in protecting the profit margins of this corrupt industry which sees a growth market in pathologizing young people’s natural discomfort with puberty.” 

The Green Alliance statement further adds: “An entire generation of gay, lesbian, and gender-nonconforming young people are being sterilized by and otherwise risking their health to the hormonal and surgical interventions being marketed to them as ‘gender affirmation medicine’. We must not allow the health care system of the largest market in the United States to be captured by this ideology.”

The Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights is a pro-feminist, gender critical, women-led membership organization, independent of corporate parties and influence, seeking to engage in elections and other political activities.  

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