01 -- Support for women’s rights is not transphobic or bigoted

Gender-critical feminists and our male allies are often accused of being hateful bigots, "transphobes," "transphobic,” “transmisic,” etc. Extremist trans-activists frequently and freely hurl these and other derogatory terms at anyone who so much as questions their dogma that “transmen are men” and “transwomen are women,” as if biological differences of sex do not exist or are irrelevant.

Transphobia -- a made up term to make people feel bad for using common sense
Transphobia -- a made up term to make people feel bad for using common sense

The terms “transphobe” and “transphobic” literally refer to persons who fear trans-persons. They are also used to imply that the persons labeled as “transphobic” hate trans-identified persons or regard them as undeserving of rights or respect. Terms like “bigot” are also used to imply that feminists and others who hold gender-critical views categorically hate persons who identify as “transgender.”

In fact, we neither fear trans-identified persons nor hate them. We do strongly oppose the cancel culture tactics, bullying behaviors, and threats or use of violence engaged in by some trans-identified persons and their self-proclaimed allies. We oppose some of the public policy proposals advocated by some trans-identified persons and their allies. We oppose attempts to erase words like “women” from our language, the efforts of some trans-identified males to pressure lesbians into having sexual relations with them, the claims that women-only spaces and programs must be open to trans-identified males, and the promotion of invasive, life-altering medical experimentation on children.

Our opposition to such policies and practices does not signify fear or hatred of any of our fellow human beings. Ironically, the trans-activists who label their opponents as “transphobes,” “bigots,” etc., are the ones most frequently exhibiting hatred and threatening behavior.

As Greens, feminists, and pro-feminist allies, we wish to build a compassionate and caring society in which every human being has the opportunity to enjoy a good life, free of oppression and violence. Thus, we do not support hatred, oppression or adverse discrimination against anyone. We affirm the principle that all human beings possess fundamental human rights. We do not oppose adult human beings having the freedom to cosmetically alter their bodies as they wish, dress how they wish, name themselves how they wish or behave how they wish, as long as they cause no injury or harm to others. We affirm that trans-identified persons should not be subjected to adverse discrimination in employment, housing, education, finance, or other aspects of social and civic life.

We insist, however, that biological sex exists, that biological and physical sex differences are real, and that women and girls also have rights – including a right to their own spaces, where they can be safe and free from male predation, oppression or violence, or even male presence, as well as a right to their own sports. We also support female-only affirmative action or positive discrimination to help advance women in fields and professions historically closed off to women. Women’s right to freedom of association with other women as they determine is essential, without male intrusion or supervision – even from males who “identify” as female.

We also insist that women who are incarcerated should not be housed with males under any circumstances, regardless of whether a male inmate “self-identifies” as female, even if they have undergone hormonal or surgical interventions to ‘affirm’ such an identity. Our courts should not be forcing women who are sexually assaulted by males to testify against their assailants using the “preferred pronoun” of their attacker, compelling them to deny their own experience.

We further insist that minors must be treated differently than adults and must not be subjected to life-altering medical interventions that will likely sterilize them, based on how they might choose to “identify” at a particular time during childhood or adolescence – a time in which both societal and peer pressures might prompt them to make poor or ill-informed choices. Minors inherently lack the capacity to consent to such interventions. We affirm the rights of parents to raise their children without interference from those who tell children they may have been born in the “wrong body.” We must protect children from the profit motives of the medical / pharmaceutical industrial complex, from gender ideologues, and from the therapists and educators who have embraced their dangerous theories and practices.

These viewpoints do not make us “transphobes.” They make us feminists, humanists, genuine progressives and good parents. We advocate for certain policies to protect the rights of women and girls. These policies are grounded in Green and feminist principles, established and verifiable facts and analysis. They are not based on fear or hatred. 


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