Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back
Green Alliance Inaugurates
Political Education Series

Women's Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back

May 25th, 2022 

Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back
Green Alliance Inaugurates Political Education Series

The recently organized Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights (GASBR) announced the inaugural event in its political education series intended for monthly episodes. The first event is entitled: Women’s Rights Under Attack: Fighting Back. The ERA and the Women's Bill of Rights. This virtual event is scheduled for June 18th, and is open to the general public with tickets starting at $5.00.

After a hundred years of organizing, action by the Virginia Assembly gave the Equal Rights Amendment the support of the necessary three-quarters of the states required to amend the U.S. Constitution. First the Trump Administration and now the Biden Administration have failed to act to recognize this momentous victory by permitting the National Archivist to publish the ERA's ratification in the Federal Register. Meanwhile, the ever growing encroachment of gender ideology has given some feminists pause that the strict scrutiny afforded protected classes identified by the U.S. Constitution will work to undermine the sex-based rights of women to privacy, dignity and protections from male violence. Among these advocates are those who have partnered with women across the political spectrum to advocate for a Women's Bill of Rights guaranteeing the protection of intermediate scrutiny and disparate treatment when a compelling governmental interest (protecting women from men's violence) argues for sex-based distinctions under the law.  Advocates of the ERA argue that strict scrutiny is imperative in order not only to advance women’s rights but also to safeguard those that currently exist.

GASBR urges feminists and their pro-feminist supporters to register for this event where EqualMeansEqual's Wendy Murphy and GASBR's cochair Ann Menasche will discuss these approaches and the strategies demanded of us to advance the liberation of women in the 21st Century.  

In an April statement, the membership of GASBR was agreed “that our support for the ERA is not sufficient. We must wage the struggle against gender ideology while continuing to advance a pro-active agenda for women’s liberation, building on the herstory of achievements by our fore-mothers in the First and Second Waves of Feminism, to improve the world we would leave to our daughters and the generations of women to come. That agenda includes securing the tools needed to fight against policies and practices by all levels of government and corporations that continue to discriminate against women based on their sex. We ultimately conclude that the ERA is one of those tools.”

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