Can the Green Party be Salvaged for Feminism?

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Across the globe, Green Parties, like most institutions public, corporate, social and  particularly those left of center politically, have been the targets for capture by the lobby for gender ideology.  Here in the United States, a virulently abusive campaign waged by the National Lavender Caucus brought without evidence spurious charges of transphobic bigotry, disregarded expected norms for due process and leveraged the anti-democratic tactics of cancel culture to eject the Georgia Green Party as an accredited member of the Green Party of the United States. 

Across the English speaking world and beyond, similar tactics have been used to deplatform and silence long time members of the leadership for the Green Parties in multiple nations.  As many Green Parties were founded on and often still claim feminism as a key value, it is particularly ironic that Greens are being expelled from their own party for standing up for the rights of women. 

This event gathers three panelists, members of their respective parties' leadership or otherwise long term members.  Please join us for this event, August 27th at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific, where our panelists will explore what these assaults on the political vehicle they helped to build look like and to discuss the implications of these anti-democratic assaults on the only party organized in opposition to imperialism and committed to urgent action to reverse the threat of the global climate crisis.

BIOS on our Speakers --

Emma Bateman

Emma Bateman, CoChair, Green Women, GPEWEmma Bateman has been a campaigner against nuclear weapons and nuclear power for over 20 years. She has been a Green Party member for much of that time.  

After learning about gender ideology in 2017, she was dismayed to find that the Green Party of England and Wales had adopted 'Trans women are women” as a policy.

In 2019 she became a co chair of Green Party Women, and as a vocal proponent of women's rights, she soon became a target for the Party gender ideologists. In March 2021 she was suspended for 5 months for questioning whether a male co chair of Green Party Women was a female. In February 2021 she was again suspended for standing up for women's sex based rights. 

She is currently pursuing legal action against the Party.

Anna Kerr

Anna Kerr, Feminist Legal Clinic, Sydney AustraliaAnna Kerr is founder and Principal Solicitor of Feminist Legal Clinic Inc., a community legal service based in Sydney Australia which is focused on advancing the human rights of women and girls. The City of Sydney Council terminated the service's tenancy in 2021 as a result of their work advocating for women's sex-based rights. 

Anna has voted for the Greens her entire adult life and is a long term member of the New South Wales Greens Party.  Her membership was terminated as a result of questioning policies based on the concept of gender identity.

Hugh Esco

Hugh Esco, Secretary, Georgia Green PartyHugh Esco was a founder of the Georgia Green Party in the United States who has been active with party organizing since 1989.  At the 1992 annual gathering he worked with others to build a short-lived Men Evolving Nonviolently caucus which helped enact the Women's Caucus reforms to the rules of the party. 

In 2018 he led efforts to defend the party's support for the Nordic Model for the state regulation of prostitution against efforts to amend the platform to support instead New Zealand style decriminalization of pimping and pandering. 

He sponsored the Georgia Party's endorsement of the Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights.  When in 2020, the party convention amended its platform to ratify that endorsement, he and the Georgia Party came under a withering attack which resulted by the Summer of 2021 in the ejection of the Georgia Party from the Green Party of the United States. 

He now serves as Secretary of the Gender Critical Greens Political Action Committee and also as Secretary for the Green Alliance for Sex-Based Rights. 


August 27th, 2022 from  6:00 PM to  8:00 PM
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